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The Pain
How to gather qualitative data from your ships?

Managing a ship is a real-time task. Problems occur, tasks are completed, and information and assistance from the company are required in real-time. Companies use the phone, messaging, and emails to communicate with ship staff, as these are closest to real-time for them.


This data may not be available to anyone but the sender and receiver of these communications. So when you need to improve on a KPI or pinpoint a recurring deficiency, you are left with data spread across your desk in multiple formats to assess the situation.

The Solution

Brilliant. In everyway.

We have engineered a cloud platform that puts communication first, so that we will gather quality data from ships.

digital maritime_edited.jpg

All-new fully digitised and integrated cloud-based ship management software providing end-to-end solutions for smarter vessel operations exclusively designed for ship owners and operators.

Turn the system you have into the system you want.

It's easy to switch
from any legacy system to Savvy.


Built-in features designed exclusive for marine industry, makes it simple.


If you want a system
that will last, this is it.

All in One

Businessman and Integrated Solutions_edi

18+ modules fully Integrated.

Your digital workspace.


Real help is just a what's app chat, zoom video call, email, chat on phone.


Everything just works.

Origami paper boat floats from the start line towards goal line drawn by a male hand. Goal

Why to switch to Savvy?

Our simple and intuitive solution improves safety and efficiencies at sea and shore, whilst remaining affordable and will assist your organisation to  achieve its goal at all levels, transparently.


 Boosts customer experience by nailing their personalization and customization 


We transfer your data in a few simple steps.

Overcome Challenges

Businessman overcoming challenges in business concept.jpg


Manage the unexpected and prove performance.


Connect mariners and have the exchange of knowledge along with valuable experience.


Compliance to new environmental regulations by seaamless data communication between ship and office.


Use of data analytics to drive behaviour and increase operational efficiency.

Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

We provide

Cloud Analytics Modernization

SavvyMariner allows you to accelerate your business decisions with timely, relevant, trusted, and managed data insights

Data Science Acceleration

With the data collected from your vessels, we provide with you data insights, which enables you to develop strategies regarding energy efficiency, cost reduction and environmental benefits and safety at sea.

Versatility in Application

We are able to provide a vital boost to our modules that not only need to be built and customised quickly but then also iterated efficiently according to evolving user needs.

Full Customer Experience Service

We ensure that every way a customer interacts with Savvy, at all stages of the customer journey—including the marketing materials they see before they become a customer, the sales experience, the quality of the product or service itself, and the customer service they receive post-purchase.

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