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Workers in the Warehouse Area

Technical & Marine

Maintenance Management

Key features

  • Complete overview of maintenance tasks to be performed

  • Insight in maintenance history

  • Assign tasks to ranks, automatically prioritise tasks and set counter or time-based triggers on due/overdue maintenances



  • Plan ahead and never forget maintenance jobs

  • Reduced production downtime

  • One screen to get maintenance overview

  • Create better working environment

  • Less stress due to unexpected tasks

Surveys, Audits
& Inspections

Key Features

  • Paperless handling of all inspections

  • Inspection and Audit questionnaire tool

  • Import/export functionality for Microsoft Excel

  • Inspection App (register findings and pictures directly)

  • Log and learn from incidents

  • Risk assessment



  • Comply with international requirements

  • Introduce best practice related to inspection management

  • Increase efficiency

Leverage data to promote better outcomes

Determination of futuristic maintenance load:

Planned Maintenance

Unplanned Maintenance

Futuristic Capacity Planning:

Plan based on exact number of maintenance equipment, maintenance type, spares and materials availability

Create Awareness:

Risk Assessment repository helps to predict the application of control measures well on time.

Avoid Machinery Downtime:

Effectively predict and perform maintenances on time to avoid unprecedented machinery failure on board

Engine Performance:

Periodic performance of Main Engines and Aux Engines to predict future efficiency

Electrician using Tablet
A Port Worker

Drydock Management

Key Features

  • Plan and perform Dry Dock projects

  • Create standardized task descriptions for the Shipyard in Word and PDF

  • Change normal jobs into dock jobs and vice versa

  • Reuse docking lists – all users have access to all dockings

  • Integrate with requisitions, job management and procurement

  • Online Quotes and Compare prices from suppliers and shipyards



  • Transparent process with solid documentation

  • Reduced time and costs in maintenance projects

  • Unplanned off-hire can be avoided 

  • Controlled budget and cost

  • No more planning in excel

Permit to Work & Assess Risk

Key features

  • Risk assessment is an integrated part of the job process

  • Approval flows are a requirement for jobs with high risk

  • Risk assessment templates for different types of tasks



  • Minimized risks

  • Better safety for your crew

  • Easy access to the history of tasks

VETTING/OVID/OVMSA/PSC/FLAG STATE and Other vessel Inspections

Key Features

  • Complete history of all past inspections

  • Inspection status at both fleet and vessel level

  • Register, act and track inspection findings by applying filters based on various parameters including inspectors

  • Enter / import data from questionnaires of elements automatically in  SAVVYMARINER



  • Automatic import of findings and remarks

  • Comparison of data from OCIMF and data registered in SAVVYMARINER

  • Automated link to processes upon running through the questionnaire at the time of inspections

Defect Jobs and Unplanned Jobs

Key Features

  • Report defect jobs

  • Categorize defect jobs

  • Follow up on defects

  • Run statistics on defects and compare vessels

  • Attach defects to procurement

  • Use a specific workflow for defects



  • Save time with easy follow-up on defects

  • All information is stored in our centralized database

Rig Maintenance
Cargo Ship at Port

HSQE and Performance

Key Features

  • Overview of all events in a searchable format

  • Additional documentation support (documents, images, video)

  • Reporting and analysis of events

  • Risk Identification

  • Root Cause Analysis



  • Reduced risk of accidents or loss, near-accidents, and non-conformities

  • Log and learn from incidents

  • Compliance with industry standards

  • Carry out risk assessments

  • Avoid accidents and save lives

  • Protect the environment

  • Enhanced safety culture

Electronic Forms

Key Features

  • Electronic format of monthly, weekly and quarterly forms

  • Design and upload checklists to CYBERVESSEL

  • Automatic import of data from Word and Excel

  • End-user design of templates

  • Collect data for analysis



  • Save time and resources with easy data entry

  • Spend less time filling out event reports

  • Fulfil MRV requirements with a few clicks

  • Make sure crew members follow a specific workflow

  • No more huge email attachments and hard copies

Rest Hours

Key Features

  • Record and Track the Rest Hours of all of your crew/officers on board the vessel

  • Multiple regime settings and direct validations in-built in the system

  • Non conformance alerts

  • Non conformance activity analysis

  • Full compliance with STCW, MLC 2006 regulations, OCIMF and OPA 90



  • Automated compliance on crew / officers rest hours

  • Comply with regulations with ease

  • Plan ahead and automate the rest hour entries with reasons

  • Automatic generation of rest hour schedules based on the crew available on board.

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