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Ship Management Challenges

manage the unexpected and proving performance

Compliance to new environmental regulations

Control of maintenance jobs and


Overview and priority of tasks 

Data communication between ship and shore

Implementation and Support

Ease of use

Use of Data Analytics to drive behaviour and Increase operational efficiency

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How SAVVYMARINER MARINE ERP overcomes the current major challenges faced by Shipping Industry?

Data Cable Installation
Data Communications between ship and shore

SAVVYMARINER handles the communication between ship and office in both online and offline mode.


Due to the high cost of data communication, it uses 1028 bit encryption and superior compression technique to keep the package size very small.


Without no human intervention the data gets transferred seamlessly from ship to shore and from shore to the ship.

Marine Engineer
Control of maintenances and inspections

SAVVYMARINER allows and supports distribution of data from the office to the ships and be able to receive feedback.


It provides central control to its users to effectively manage maintenances and inspections by having a consistent policy across the fleet that allows ship managers to analyze all data and figure out the necessary adjustments.


Finally, it makes adjustments to policies much easier to implement.

Gear System
Conversation in office
Overview and prioritising of the tasks through alerts

Many fleet management systems have become quite large and complex. This is a natural trend as they are required to assist with quite complex processes and must contain a lot of data. This means that a user can easily lose oversight of what is important and what tasks are planned for today.

SAVVYMARINER, despite the complexity of growing number of functions and actions, the user, the department and the company is always allowed and displayed an overview of tasks to prioritise and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Integration of processes by means of an integrated system

Despite different people having different responsibilities and tasks and using different systems or parts of systems, the best practice and challenge is to have an integrated process.


SAVVYMARINER ensures that it prompts the users accordingly and initiates the entries for the necessary processes based on the user input as an integrated system. By these features, a lot of unnecessary work can be avoided, and actions are not “forgotten”.

Person Analyzing Data
Use of Data Analytics to drive behaviour

All shipping companies have policies and goals for their operations. What is more difficult is to drive those policies to reality and to measure where they are met onboard the ships. Inspectors and superintendents that visit the ships are often seen as “policemen” who want to control and give directions.

If the right KPI’s can be defined and measured to provide the right communication, then it is possible to drive a certain behaviour more as a competition between colleagues rather than as rules and regulations.

SAVVYMARINER, as an integrated system, is able to provide analytics in a simple way that does not require a full BI project before new KPI’s and measures can be defined.

Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office
Implementation of integrated system and support

Software systems of a certain complexity (and fleet management systems are complex) do not implement themselves. They require a structured approach and support from the management team. 

SAVVYMARINE on its SLA refers this as "reactive Support" where the support is provided to its clients 24/7 through chat, email and over phone on request. Clients can expect proactive help from SAVVYMARINER to improve their businesses and to ensure the maximum return on their investment.

Notebooks file transfer. Concept of info


Seamlessly integrate your business data from existing software or legacy systems or even from various data sources like excel/word directly into SAVVMARINER ERP.

"gain great visibility by optimizing data quality to achieve greater control"

Our Data Migration Tool is designed to develop a migration scenario most suitable for the client needs and requirements, and where optimizing data quality has the highest priority.

The tool runs validation logic during the import that can automatically flag any data that does not adhere to the predetermined rules of the data protocol.

Our data migration tools used for importing legacy data are available to your business throughout the implementation process and even afterward. 

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