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Procurement & Inventory

e-invoicing and Online Quotes

Key Features

  • Digitalize incoming paper invoices

  • Compare received invoices with purchase orders to do auto-matching

  • Automatic handling of PDF invoices

  • Full electronic archive of all invoices with process and approval history                                  



  • Full control and visibility

  • Reduced processing time and cost

  • Less paper administration

  • Optimized work and improved control

  • Improved traceability of invoices and approval processes

Initial and Final Approvals

Key Features

  • Approve purchase orders and invoices

  • Approve forms, jobs and event postponements

  • Access to reports, forms, and invoice documents

  • Filter and search in your approval list




  • Reject or approve on the move

  • Speed up the approval process

  • Simplification of internal processes

  • Facility to have the individual role based approval level setup done by administrator with minimum and maximum authorizing limits 

  • OTP generation on authenticating invoice payments approvals

Budget Planning
and Variance

Key Features

  • Budgets for the entire fleet

  • Monthly reports comparing budgets with actual expenses

  • Adjustable budgets

  • Financial follow-ups

  • Overview of individual vessels and the entire fleet

  • Platform for creating OPEX



  • Optimized budgets based on valid data

  • Reduced costs through streamlined financial processes

  • Improved control over financial data

  • Timely and accurate operational decision

  • Quick look at available budget at the time of superintendents/ technical/fleet manager approving the quotations

Reviewing document
Chatting at Warehouse

Inventory Management

Key Features

  • Efficient inventory management system

  • Stock and spare part control

  • Flexible technical structure

  • Overview of stock history

  • Control of requisition, order processing and delivery

  • Make agreements with suppliers in key ports

  • Get an overview of which ports give the best price.



  • Optimized internal processes

  • Easy and fast identification of spare parts

Inventory of Hazardous Material

Key Features

  • Manage and document items and certificates

  • Hazardous Materials Management

  • Track and trace all items

  • Easy access to item certificates directly on items and components

  • Batch control



  • Certificate management as a natural part of the procurement process and stock management

  • Stay in compliance with IHM regulations

  • Comply with necessary requirements digitally

Container Yard

Logistics & Warehouse

Key Features

  • Warehouse Management

  • Midpoint receipt of items and goods

  • Consolidation of line items from PO’s

  • Package and carrier management



  • Increase visibility and create transparent access to shipping data

  • Ensure the lowest possible price on every shipment

  • Get the right part at the right time at the right cost

  • Work more efficiently and prevent over-ordering or running out of stock

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