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Ship and plane polluting air with toxic smoke near a large city. Sulfur compound molecules

Pollution Control

The SAVVYMARINER Voyage event reporting module empowers key stakeholders with the business-critical vessel and voyage data they need to improve efficiency and make informed decisions at the pace of business.

Access structured data on location, ETA, bunker status, fuel consumption, and more.

Automate the collection of digital noon reports and save valuable time.

Compliance with IMO technical measures (i.e. Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index, EEXI)

Compliance with operational measures (i.e. Carbon Intensity Index, CII; new Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, SEEMP).

automated EU-MRV, IMO-DCS reporting from daily voyage event reporting

Strengthen stakeholder connections with automatic report forwarding.

SavvyMariner Voyage Reporting gives a solid, user-friendly platform to collect and store the data from the reports and also share the information seamlessly both inside and outside your organisation.


With the ability to record every events by the ship staff's, the system can continue to evolve as our requirements change.

Easily generate detailed and summarised data on various emissions including Oil and Oily Mixture, Garbage, CO2, NOx, SOx, EEOI, Ozone Depleting Substances and Sewage Discharge for analysis, comparison and to generate environmental impact trends.

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Oil derrick
Engineer Looking At Blueprint

Compliance made Simple

The reports about arrival and departure times, time spent at sea or the documentation of the bunker consumption entered by the ship staff in our voyage reporting module provide the basis for the determination of emission factors of your vessels.


The required data is entered directly on board, all further calculations are carried out automatically in the system and the IMO-DCS report, EEOI/CII Analysis and CO2 emissions monitoring reports will be available on the fly.

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