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Onshore Operations & Control

Activity and Fleet Supervision

Key features

  • Overview of all activities (surveys, inspections, audits, etc.)

  • Overview of all events (incident reports, deficiency, condition of class, drills, non-conformities)

  • Planning and follow-up tool

  • Track the progress of activities



  • Easy overview of upcoming activities across the fleet

  • Overview of outstanding issues (activities cannot be closed with outstanding issues)

  • Unique office database with a 100% accurate copy of all vessel databases. 

  • Constant monitoring of jobs allows increasing the staff efficiency and brings transparency.

  • Centralized data storage allows the onshore and seafarers to quickly analyze and manage the ships from remote locations

Monitoring Jobs and e-Alerts

Key Features

  • Plan, structure and manage maintenance jobs electronically

  • Automated alerts to users by email

  • Create and finalize jobs

  • Read documents or add additional information to a job

  • Report to Management about completed and future jobs



  • Optimized Asset Management

  • Share knowledge on fleet level

  • Improved task performance

  • Prevent reoccurrence of defects

  • Technical data available on board the vessels

  • Flexibility to change procedures and parameters on several ships at once

  • Allows user to complete the due and overdue jobs directly from the e-alerts, which are received in their email system

Coworkers Working Together
Colleagues at Work

Task List and Forum

Key Features

  • Task List overview per vessel or fleet

  • Comprehensive inventory management

  • Share knowledge between office and vessels

  • Follow-up on user acknowledgements

  • Encourage users to share experiences and learn from each other


  • Maximize uptime

  • Full access to all tasks

  • Adjustable system fitting your company’s internal processes

  • An organization with healthy communication

  • Complete conversation between and within the shore and seafarers are stored in the SAVVYMARINER database and can be retrieved for review at all times

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Instantaneous Management Reports

Key Features

  • KPI overview

  • Data drilldown functionality

  • Modern and structured layout of information

  • Management and follow-up tool

  • Reports defined and controlled by the user

  • Multiple dashboards with multiple data areas

  • Instant report generation from the process



  • React faster on issues that needs your attention

  • Intuitive dashboards provide simple and efficient access to relevant information

  • Dashboards for management decisions and operational needs

  • Fleet data at your fingertips

  • Informed Decision Making

  • Save cost on ship-shore and shore-ship communications

  • Provide access to owners online

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Key Features

  • Monitor and communicate KPIs across the fleet

  • Compare the performance of vessels

  • Automate and simplify data collection and data processing tasks

  • Prepare management reports, summaries, statistics

  • Save and reuse templates

  • Subscribe to receive user defined and user controlled reports



  • Easily customized reports fitting your needs

  • Efficient analysis of data

  • Fast identification of areas for cost savings

  • Brings important information to the attention of decision-makers

  • Connects data from different departments or source systems to gain insight

  • Draw conclusions about fleet and vessel performance

Business Meeting


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